Pam Boozan, PresidentWe did it. We made it to our new meeting site without mishap, mischief, or mayhem. For this, I am truly grateful. I received numerous positive comments about the atmosphere and feeling of the Elk’s Lodge. The lodge staff are anxious to please and certainly open to our suggestions. About 60 of you stayed for lunch for our first day. The food is good and reasonable. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider it.

There Is a whole room of space [in the Elk’s Lodge dining room] that you can’t see from the door looking in, and it was fun to stop and talk to the different tables of quilters.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please email me. I have several suggestions that I will be discussing with the board before our next meeting. It always helps to hear what you think.

By the time you read this, we will have wrapped our New Members Luncheon. A huge thank you to those who helped prepare the decorations and favors to make this a special day for our new members. Susan Derring always does such a wonderful job. Thank you, Susan.

We are all looking forward to our Quilt Show July 29 & 30. Displaying and showcasing your quilts is what this is all about. Our guild purpose is to educate, encourage, and maintain high standards of design, technique, quilting, and fiber arts and to inspire achievements in areas of creativity, quilting and fiber arts. That is straight out of our handbook, and is our mission within our community. We are trying to include additional guilds and the Elks Lodge members to bring in participants who will be inspired by your work.

Remember, your mistakes are another’s reassurance. Your art is another’s inspiration. Your technique is another’s education. Your level of quilting is your personal best and that is what we want to showcase.

I look forward to being reassured, inspired, educated and entertained.

Pam Boozan