Drop off your quilt for the show between 9:30 and 11:00 on Wednesday, July 6, at the Elks Lodge.

Make sure you get a receipt for your quilt from Elaine because you will need it to retrieve your quilt after the quilt show closes. Items will not be returned without receipts.

Pick up your quilt between 3:30 and 4:00 on Saturday, July 30, from the Pick-up location.

Only members of the Take Down committee are allowed to remove quilts from the display.

If you are unable to pick up your quilt at this time, give your receipt to a trusted friend to pick it up for you.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions on quilt show entries, please contact Elaine Ohgi.


The last meeting to bring things in for the Boutique at the quilt show will be on July 6th at the Elks Lodge. Please deliver all items at that time.

If you have items that you cannot bring to that meeting, please contact me, Nancy Post, and I can make arrangements to get them by no later than July 24th.

NEW THIS YEAR!  Fat Quarter Raffle and Quilt Sales

Win Fat Quarters! Bring a fat quarter when you arrive, receive a raffle ticket. During that hour there will be a drawing for the fat quarters from that hour.

There are two ways to purchase quilts. Quilts in the Boutique area are available for immediate purchase. Some quilts on display in the show are available for purchase also.

They must be paid for during the show; then, picked up after the show closes on Saturday.

Cash, check or Credit Card may be used for quilt purchase.  (Note: only a few of the quilts on display are available for purchase.)