“Summer in the Grove” Quilt Show July 29 & 30, 2016

Our 2016 quilt show is soon upon us and the committees have been busy at work to help make this a successful event for all of us.

Did you see Elaine Ohgi at the meeting with a line practically out the door of people either delivering their quilt(s) or turning in a form committing to a particular entry? Thank you Elaine for all the work you are putting into this in the midst of planning your daughter’s wedding.

Norma Millett and Shirley Ellsworth are Admissions. They will be passing out a ticket for every fat quarter you bring with you when you enter the show. A ticket will be drawn each hour and if your number is drawn, you will win all those fat quarters. You must be present to win these. If you are not there, another number will be drawn.

You are all amazing with your generosity on donations and hard work for the boutique. Nancy Post said they got a lot done at the latest boutique sew-in in June. Nancy has worked very hard on this. I know of some groups holding mini sew-ins for this very effort. I would suggest you definitely stop by the boutique early in the show. There are some amazing items!!!

Janet Haynes will be in charge of the Boutique Quilts for sale. If you have a suggested price for your donation quilt, please let Janet know.

We put the call out there for help with door prizes and you came through! Thank you for your help with this. We are going to have some great door prizes.

The Baby Lock sewing machine for raffle did well at the June meeting. The tickets are: 1 for $1    6 for $5    25 for $20

The Opportunity Baskets are the same:  1 for $1    6 for $5    25 for $20

Again, Randy Miller will be printing name and phone numbers for you to stick on your tickets if you buy $20 worth for either the Baby Lock or the Opportunity Baskets. Worth every penny!

The winners of the opportunity baskets will be drawn on Saturday at 2:00 PM. You need NOT be present to win. However, if you are not present, please make arrangements to pick up your basket. It will not be delivered.

The July “Gathering” is for dropping off you quilts only. The time is 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM. There will be no meeting for business matters. You will be able to buy a pre-sale ticket for $7 that day.

Justine Gentile has passed around volunteer sign-up sheets at the last two meetings. Be expecting a call from the committee chair if you signed up for a day and time to help out at the show.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email either Marilyn Pond at marilynpond@yahoo.com or Carol Logue at carolkwilts@aol.com

The Elk’s Lodge, usually closed on Saturday for lunch, will have a special lunch menu just for our quilt show.

Carol Logue & Marilyn Pond