By board action, it has been decided, that our current book library will be closed. There have been months of discussion about the investment of time and space, for so little participation by the guild members.

Things became clear to us after we had a recent unfortunate infestation of rats in the garage outside the Elk’s Lodge, where our library cart is stored. There was significant damage to a number of the books, as well as the cover which was chewed through.

The Elk’s immediately set up traps to deal with their storage challenge. There is no concern within the Lodge itself or for books we sold earlier in the year.

Friends of the Library will continue to operate, with magazines and donated books. Glenda will remain our librarian which is a board position, until we decide we need a change.

I want to thank Glenda for all of her hard work. She put in hours sorting through our books, sitting out in the Elk’s garage, while she tried to weed out unused books. As we proceed into the new year, Glenda will decide if fiction books, which are the most popular, will be available in some way. She will keep you posted.