It’s renewal time again! The year has really gone by! You will find a copy of the renewal form in this newsletter, on the webpage or there is one in the 2016 yearbook.

I will have forms at the guild meetings if you don’t have a way to print it. The dues are still only $25. (A check or exact cash is greatly appreciated! Credit card, if necessary, but only if the treasurer is available.) Quite a bargain for so much fun during the year. Your renewal form needs to be to membership by the January meeting so you will be in the yearbook. (Yes, I need a new, fully completed, one each year for easier bookkeeping).

Remember, that the guild yearbook is given only to current guild members. It becomes a very useful tool when you are trying to find the phone number or e-mail address of a guild member. Also, the information in the yearbooks is only for guild member use and we do not give copies or in-formation from the yearbooks to nonmembers or other entities.

The yearbooks will be ready by the March meeting. Maybe the February meeting if I can get those January renewals in quickly and get a faster turnaround for the yearbooks.

Bonnie Lippincott
Membership Chair

2017 ogqg membership form