A big “thank you” to those 16 O.G.Q.G. members who have generously offered their quilts and turned in their paper work to me for our Quilt Show on October 17th & 18th. Early entrees make my job so much easier as I’m not so rushed. We have 32 quilts scheduled to be displayed – 6 of them in the challenge category. We have room for at least 70 more! With over 200 members in this guild we should have over 100 entrees! Please, this is a non-juried show designed to raise money to keep our guild running so, find a quilt of yours you really like and consider showing it off. September 10, 2014 is the deadline to get your paperwork filled out and to me (don’t forget a picture). Then bring me your quilt at the October 8th guild meeting and will be all set for a fabulous show. Now when you bring me your quilt to be displayed at the show at the October 8th Guild Meeting please have your quilt in a “pillowcase” or a white plastic trash bag with your name on the outside along with the name of your quilt. This will make the jobs of those working the show so much easier and will protect your quilt.  P.S. If you would like to mail me your paperwork so I have it before the September meeting – that would be awesome and help me stay ahead of the work.


Linda Majer