2014 President Mary Stockard

Mary Stockard

Whew! It’s been a busy month for this Guild. As I write this, the show is just about upon us, and from every indication, it’s going to be fabulous!

And Hogg Holler was a howling happening! Lots of money that can go immediately into our general fund to support our workshops and speakers, and keep us in the black. Thanks to everyone who participated as a donor or worker, or best yet, both!

And the UFO challenge! What an accomplishment for all of us – to get all those things off the shelf and 176 quilts finished. Susan was a wonderful cheerleader for all those participating. Can’t wait for next year because I’m not out of UFOs yet!

Now that these big events are behind us, it would be nice to relax, but I keep thinking of the holidays upon us already! Before we know it, it’s Christmas…again! And there’s lots to sew between now and then. I am waiting for chilly weather so I can hunker down upstairs and keep that machine humming.

One thing I am eager to finish is the In And Out quilt that was the September workshop by Robin Gallagher. It’s not a hard one and it’s so much fun to sew that once you get your groove on you can even multitask with TV or something. And it looks so tricky! It’s definitely high on the UFO list, and I hope to see it done before the year’s up.

And speaking of the year being up, it is almost time to pass the gavel. We will vote next meeting on our new slate of officers, and while being your leader for two years has been a wonderful experience, I will be happy to have my life back! I won’t know what to do with myself! The years have been filled with challenges and accomplishments, and the best part of it all was that I got to know so many of you and made lots and lots of new friends. You are a talented, friendly and cooperative group of people who together make this Guild really, really special! All you have to do to know that I am right is look at what we have done together just in the month of October! Thanks to everyone for your help and support in making this a hugely successful month for us as a Guild, and for our treasury too!

Quilt Hugs,