Quilts donated to Precious Life Shelter

A few of the quilts picked up by Precious Life Shelter in Los Alamitos.

A warm holiday spirit accompanied by fifty quilts made by our members was a gift from our Guild to the non-profit organization Precious Life Shelter in Los Alamitos that provides residential supportive services program for homeless, pregnant, adult women. Their representative was on hand at the December meeting to offer her sincere thanks on behalf of all the women who leave the shelter, moving out with very few possessions, but always with a quilt made by a member of OGQG. Thanks to all of you whose efforts are stitched into this philanthropy.

And another thank you to the scores of you who brought toys for the 3-1 Military Christmas Toy/Party in Camp Pendleton. The presents barely fit in the Marine trucks! And you donated such wonderful stuff.

What a group we are!

Remember to think about joining up on a PSD (Philanthropy Sew Day). We are getting organized, and have booked the clubhouse at Susan Derring’s place who are graciously accommodating us. Lots to do and lots of fun guaranteed! More information at the meeting. See you there.