I am truly honored to serve you as President for 2015, and welcome any and all suggestions from all my quilting friends. One of the most important things I have learned in my four years in the guild is the strength of the quilting community and the important role the guild plays in providing a fun and stimulating environment for quilters to share, and be inspired.

Thank you to Candyce Ping for conducting the officer installation. Candyce was a colleague from my working days, and was the person responsible for inviting me to come visit the guild.

We had two fantastic quilters, Madeline Sherman and Mary Lou Ripper, share their quilts and their quilting journey with us at the guild meeting. I really enjoyed the variety of quilts they each shared. Madeline’s appliqué and Mary Lou’s piecing were inspirational. I loved to see the evolution of their color choices as time passed. The guild is blessed, as there is so much talent among our members.

I want to congratulate everyone who is showing a quilt at Road to California. Our own Fairy Earnest has submitted her hand applique quilt entries each and every year of Road to California – the only entrant to achieve this great accomplishment. Fairy is Road to California’s only 20 year quilt contest entrant. She has taken home many quilt prizes over the years from the show and in 2001, was Road to California’s Featured Artist. You can read all about her at http://www.road2cablog.com/road-2015-20th-anniversary-show/meet-fairy-earnest-20-years-of-road-to-california-quilt-entries/

The Road to CA bus trip will carry 47 of our members to the quilt show. This is a really fun and relaxing way to go to the show, so enjoy. I can hardly wait to see what projects are inspired by this year’s Road to California.

If you have ever wanted to get involved but didn’t know how, I have great news for you. Volunteering is a wonderful way to get to know other members and it provides a deep sense of service satisfaction. We have three critical vacancies on our board this year. Two positions are voting board members. The vacancies are:

Librarian – this is a voting member of the board. A complete description of responsibilities is on page x of the yearbook.

Philanthropy chair – this is a voting member of the board, who leads all philanthropy projects, and maintains the supplies needed for those projects. We also need 2-4 volunteers to assist the chair, taking responsibility for a specific product, such as pillowcases, Christmas stockings, and quilts. By sharing the responsibility, the goal is to break up the workload into manageable chunks, and involve as many people as possible.

Tea & Auction chair or co-chair – who doesn’t want to lead the planning for our October 3 event? The chair will attend the board meeting to keep the board updated on planning progress.

If you think you might be interested but want more information or negotiate to share responsibilities or whatever, please call me. I promise that there are wonderful people with experience ready to help you, and you will have more fun than you expected. I speak from experience. I volunteered to chair a quilt show before I had ever been to a quilt show. I was a new member, and I volunteered with a co-chair. I had a fantastic and rewarding time that year, and we even pulled off a successful quilt show.

Pam Boozan