I’m sitting here hoping for a little rain. We sure do need it. I’m also packing for a short quilt retreat and trying to find that darned add-a-quarter! I have two and can’t find either of them, yet!

The report on the membership front is good. We have 42 members from last year that haven’t yet renewed. I know some have moved away and others don’t go to every meeting and will renew the next time they are at one. With that said we now have 268 members including the four new members we got at the February meeting.

I hope everyone that was at the February meeting stopped by to see me and picked up their yearbooks and membership card. I had a few too many left last year so I cut our order down by 25 books. It costs around $4 for each yearbook and I hate shredding them at the end of the year.

Pick up your Yearbook/Roster at the next meeting.

I have discovered that I can keep a PDF on my cellphone (or tablet, Kindle, etc.) and have it readily available when I need to find someone. If you are interested in having a copy of the membership roster as a PDF to save to your computer, phone etc., let me know and I can send it to you. On my iPhone it is saved to iBooks and is really easy to find and scroll through. Just remember no matter how you have your copy of the yearbook/roster, it is for your use only and not to be disseminated to others or used for advertising.

Hope to see everyone at the March meeting. It will be after daylight savings time so be sure you turn your clocks forward. Spring=Forward, Fall=Back.

Bonnie Lippincott
Membership Chairman