Pam Boozan, PresidentSeptember and October are HUGE for our guild and it is all about the Tea & Auction on October 3, 2015. So what has to happen?

Turn in your donated quilts by the September General Meeting. I know it is a hassle to fill out the form, and take the picture. I feel your pain. I have four that need labels, forms and pictures, but we must all muster our resolve and get this done. Those quilts won’t move on their own.

Turn in your boutique items. I can hardly wait to see the products of your creativity! To help the boutique, don’t forget to come to the Boutique Sew-In on September 15. More information is included later in this newsletter.

Sign up to bring food and help at the event. Many of you have already signed up and we will have the sign-up sheets at the next guild meeting.

We hold the Tea & Auction as the primary activity to raise money to support our guild this year. The other fundraiser, 2015 Opportunity Quilt, is well on its way to meeting our goal. The speakers, like Joe Cunningham, are paid for with our fundraisers. Our dues and workshop costs are kept low because we can run successful fundraisers to subsidize our other endeavors, including philanthropy.

What I love about this guild and all of you, is your generosity of heart, warm welcome, and dedication to the art of quilting in so many ways. Sometimes, I am certain that you are pulled in multiple directions, when everyone wants something and all you want to do is create. But, all of us appreciate an environment that supports creativity, the opportunity to learn and share, and a space to form and foster friendships founded in common interests.

Our guild is strong. There are 291 of us, so one person doesn’t have to do everything. If you want to help, but don’t want a lifetime commitment, make some scones or help the boutique take in money on the day of the auction. We will be so grateful.

Pam Boozan