Linda Schmidt is coming to Orange Grove Quilt Guild on September 9 & 10. But today you can find her at and I suggest you go there, because just reading about what she does was exhausting.

She made her first quilt when she was 8 years old. Since then she has made hundreds of quilts, teaches quilting nationally and internationally.

In her spare time she has 4 parttime paying jobs, 3 children, 1 husband, cleans her own 5 bedroom house, owns 2 flutes, 2 guitars, a piano and a BA in French that is “suddenly not useless”.

She sits on the board of several quilt and art organizations, writes poetry and is learning sign language. See? I told you she was hyperactive. And I have only just begun.

She has been sewing her own clothes since she was 12 and began her quilt career with wearable art. She now does landscape quilts for herself and for commission.

She learned early on that when she did commission work, the piece did not belong to her and it went away, forever. This bothered her so now she makes 2 of her commission projects and keeps 1.

Please join us on September 9 when she will speak on “Is it Art or Just Plain Tacky?”