On Saturday morning, September 27, four quilters, Susan Derring, Pam Boozan, Becky Meekoff and Jane Oglesby, set off for a Marine Corps Beach Party.

2015 Camp Pendleton cropped

Becky Meekhof, Jane Oglesby, Susan Derring and Pam Boozan, handing out quilts at the Camp Pendleton picnic.

We arrived at Camp Pendleton at 9:30 am and were greeted by the Marines.

They carried our 122 quilts to our assigned booth. We loved the help! Thankfully, we had shade, tables, chairs and a sea breeze.

We were also offered more food than we could imagine consuming. Entertainment was non-stop. And, ladies, you have not been entertained until you have watched a marine tug-of-war!

But the best part was handing out quilts to our marine families. So many stories and so many thanks.

It is such a joy to be the final link in our philanthropy efforts.

By 2:30, all quilts were gone, and we made our way home. Can’t wait to do it again next year.