The preview of the newest Komen quilt, “Stars and Stripes Forever,” was met with rave reviews. It was so nice to hear so many positive comments about the “stars” on the quilt top.

I called Carol Kirkland to share the news since she was the one responsible for it in the first place. I wanted her to know that everyone just loved it.

The winner of the flannel fabric kit and pattern was Susan MacVicar. Thank you all for your participation.

Thanks to the following additional members who are sponsoring our team: Fairy Earnest, Linda Gotthard, Bobbie Inglis, and Ann Volpe. Thank you all so much.

YOPLAIT PINK Lids will be available, as I understand it, beginning on October 1st. I will collect your lids at our general meetings. Please bring in only those that are PINK and are current. If you’ve saved old ones, please don’t bring them. They won’t count.

Our wonderful members who continue to support efforts on behalf of breast cancer awareness and education are appreciated. It is heartwarming to see everyone’s ongoing commitment to help others.

Barbara Purks