Pam Boozan, PresidentMarch is a happy, hoppy month. Are you getting ready for Spring? The renewal of spring is eternal, and even Californians start seeing new leaves on some trees, and bulbs popping up for those ambitious enough to plan ahead. This is a great time for quilting for our holidays, especially including St. Patrick’s Day, when everyone is Irish. I have several small quilts I have made, and it wasn’t until I actually went to Ireland that I found out my maiden name could be Irish. Who knew? I hope the luck of the Irish blesses you this month.

I can spend hours on the internet, looking at quilt patterns, websites, blogs, and stores. I am not proud of how much time I spend there, rather than actually making something, but every time I log on, there is something new to look at. I was on the Missouri Star Quilt Company website, and they have so many resources. If you haven’t looked at it, be sure to check it out. Click on “Community” to see their Blog and Tutorials.

We have a couple of important things to start thinking about. First and foremost is the quilt show. Decide what quilt(s) you will submit. Are you making your challenge quilt? Get going on the things for the boutique. Friendship groups are putting together Opportunity Baskets. We are going to have a great show in our new location.

Don’t forget that Philanthropy is alive and kicking. We just got our invitation to the Marines Beach Party in September. Are we going to make baby quilts for the Marines? You did such an awesome job last year. They don’t have to be just for babies. You can make and donate whatever you want, and we will find a home for it.

It is always an honor and privilege to work with you in the guild. We are a wonderful group of quilters, friends, and artisans.

Thank you as always for your inspiring work and energy.

— Pam Boozan