2016 Star Light, Star Bright designed by Marie Blash

Star Light, Star Bright 2016 Opportunity Quilt

2016 Detail of quilting by Russ Moore, Bear's Quilt Shop

Detail of custom quilting by Russ at Bear’s Quilt Shop

Our new Opportunity Quilt, “Star Light, Star Bright,” is a big, bright, happy quilt that would be a lovely addition to your collection! Each of you should have been given $20 worth of tickets. If you didn’t receive them, pick them up along with your new member roster when you check-in on May 11.

These tickets are for you to buy or sell to friends and family members. The more you sell, (or buy), the more money we have for guild programs. If you would like more tickets, just let me know. I have plenty.

Our goal is to raise $3500 by our December meeting.

I will be taking the quilt around to other guilds throughout the year. If you would like to accompany me, take the quilt to your other guild or to a quilt show, please let me know. I’m always looking for more opportunities to show off our quilt.

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