After a bit of a hiccup changing over my computer and putting my membership files “in the cloud” I have gotten everyone entered into the membership lists. Welcome to our newest members, I hope you enjoy our guild.

We now have 257 members. We continue to get two or three new members and renewals at each meeting. We had more guests at our April meeting, fourteen, than I ever remember our having. Two of those guests decided to join. Welcome to all.

If you would like me to, I can send a copy of the PDF of the membership to you for your computer, telephone or other device. It is easily emailed and just as easily saved to your device. Just remember no matter how you have your copy of the yearbook/roster, it is for your use only and not to be disseminated to others or used for advertising.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the May meeting. Don’t forget we are meeting at the Elk’s Lodge now. Plan on staying for lunch, their dining room serves very good food.

Bonnie Lippincott
Membership Chairman