The next Philanthropy Sew Day is May 5 at Driftwood Mobile Home Park. We start around 9:00 am. Some stay until 2:00 pm. Some wander in at 10 or 11:00. Some bring a lunch and make a day out of it. It is very informal and fun! Nice people who like to make nice things to give to other nice people! Join us! Please.

New labels of a more robust size have arrived. Come see them at the next sew day. We will be using them on all finished quilts; so if you have a small label please exchange it at the next sew day or guild meeting. These are easier to read and handle.

We have 77 baby/children quilts in storage. Thank you very much. We have about 20 adult quilts and could use some more. Senior Santa and Friends will take whatever we have. We also need 3 twin quilts for the Foster Care Scholarship award. For that they usually request a gender specific quilt–last year 2 girl quilts and 1 boy. I will ask about this year. We have some lovely fabric in storage that would make at least 1 twin quilt. Let me know if you are interested in using this fabric for that purpose.

Sew days are generally the Thursday before the guild meeting. See you at Sew Day or Guild Meeting.

Becky Meekof