The Quilt Show committee is thrilled to challenge you to submit a themed quilt. The guidelines are below. Linda Majer is leading this challenge, and her creative juices are flowing. A viewer’s choice award will be awarded at the show. So, let’s get sewing.

“A Grove of Quilts” Quilt Challenge Guidelines

1. Quilt can be no larger than 18” x 18” (It can be 16” x 18”; or 10” x 16” etc. but can be no larger than 18” x 18”.
2. Must have finished edges and be labeled
3. Must be at least 2 layers.
4. Must be representative of the name of our Quilt Show “A Grove of Quilts”. The word “Grove”(a noun) is defined as “a small wood without underbrush (as in a picnic grove); and or a small group of trees especially a group of trees that produce fruits or nuts”
5. You must fill out the form for entering your quilt in the show listing your  Quilt under the Category “Challenge Quilts”.

All paperwork (with picture) must be turned into Linda Majer ( acquisition lady) no later than September 30th 2014 preferably by September 10th at the Guild Meeting. The actual Quilt must be to either Linda Majer or Carol Howerton by October 13th.

Have fun, be creative – quilts will be in the categories of “viewer’s choice judging.